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Vocal Express
-the fastest way to learn a song-
This program is the fastest way to train your singing. A karaoke performer or any solo artist will greatly benefit. It's simple and quick. Load any MP3 song, remove the vocal part and replace it with your voice, or just keep practicing.

1. Remove Vocal: after loading an MP3 song, remove the voice part
2. Practice: sing along the track with the original voice removed. Lyrics available (if found within the MP3 file)
3. Record your voice replacing the original vocal part
4. Save the recording as compressed MP3, or wave if needed for further mixing work.
5. Tempo change without affecting the pitch
6. Transposition without changing tempo, and with pretty good quality.

Size: 400K. Very small. Download time < 2 min.
Requirements: any PC, Windows NT/Me/2000/XP.
It will run 10 times; after that it will need a registration number.
Download a free trial copy here...

The registration fee is only $15.

You can register right now. Click here!

You can pay the $15 registration fee for the Vocal Express over the Internet -securely- with any major credit card. As soon as your order has been processed, we will send you the registration number (no disk!), which will reactivate the program already existing in your computer.

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