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EarPower is being used in more than 60 countries by numerous musicians, amateurs and pro.
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This is a fully functional demo; you need at least any PC running any version of Windows.
Size = 350k. Time to download: about 3 min (56k modem).

Download EarPower here

We strongly recommend you to download and try the program and see how it behaves on your computer. It will run 7 times; after that it will need a registration number.

Ear Power - Comments
Great piece of software!
Mike Parsonson

I am a big fan of your Ear Power Software. It is the best music program out there.
Robert Darling

Brilliant stuff. I tried the demo and got hooked immediately.
Sairul Rhymin Haji C.A. Mohamed

ein Superprogramm !!!!!!!
Rolf Bolliger - Germany

the Ear Power program is great. I am going through the Navy School of Music and have found this to be an invaluble tool.
Thanks again, Donald Chilton

please send me the registration number, for your superb program asap. best wishes
Jason Rees - England

I'm Brian Howard, editor at Abacus Software, Inc., a publisher of computer books and software. I'm editing a new book, Making Music on your PC, aimed at novice to advanced computer users and musicians.
I'm writing to you because Making Music... will be published with a companion CD-ROM.
We would very much like to include an evaluation version of Ear Power on our CD-ROM. Please contact me via email.

Nice job on the program. Boy, could I have used it when I was studying theory! (Now I'm going to have my kids use it, in addition to me!)
Regards. - Michael Tabak

hey! man i am ever glad that I registered for this fantasic program..not only that but you from what I can tell really improved the program..I cannot wait to try out the Rhythm stuff.... such a service for musicKind..anyway kudos!BTW i am Reeve Martin---Atlanta..,.please send me the registration! eagerly awaiting a more trained and musical EAR,
You have surpassed my expectations@@! The metronome is Fantastic !I mean the only thing that may beat would be boss's Dr.Beat. BUT Dr. Beat cannot even compare!I mean with the midi and programability,and x,and,y,and,z+ Polyrhtyms----->8:3 really really good.

BTW- I just love that microphone- I get a great kick out of singing into the microphone and watching the waves!!!
David Kass

Cheers and bravo for creating such a fine product!
Jonathan Cano

And thanks even more for the wonderful program. I've been using it almost every day, and my accuracy has improved a lot in just a few weeks.
Rick Handel

I have several ear training programs but yours is tops by far!
Nick Yonclas

I have seen many music tuition programs come through my office but none have quite covered as many facets or a multilevel education of musicianship as Ear Power displays. I can see this program progresses all levels from childhood through to adulthood and from the novice to the very experienced musician, all of which will find challenging drills and lessons. Develop timing and rhythmic skills through to chord structure, pitch recognition and basic or complex knowledge of sheet music visualisation. Great for guitarists, drummers, pianists and vocal training, Ear Power is a heaven sent program. A lot of people find amusement in admitting to being 'tone deaf' and I am one for that category. To be tone deaf is really quite frustrating and embarrassing. I really mean it when I say that Ear Power can cure tone deafness in a very short period of time. Even the most experienced of musician sometime forget that having pitch recognition isn't like riding a bike, you have to practice to keep up the talent of pitch recognition, unlike riding a bike once you know how to do it you will always be able to ride one. Some musicians have the 'natural' ability to memorise notation and rhythm patterns and majority of us needs consistent practice at this side of musicianship, Ear Power will accelerate the process of learning and indeed keep you in practice. As mentioned before the experienced musician may find the idea of such drills pointless or too easy so I put this program to the test with my partner (Stephen) who is an accomplished musician of 18 years. My partner is a music teacher and session guitarist and I thought that if anyone could find this program 'boring' or 'too easy' then this was the man for the job. Stephen did very well with most parts of the program but far from 100% accurate and Stephen was even surprised at how he has slipped into complacency with some areas of his talent. So from proof I can express to you the very importance of Ear Power for anyone and everyone, all ages and all degrees of musicianship. Ear Power is also available in German and Danish, and for PC operating systems (sorry Mac users version may be out shortly). ***TEN out of TEN***

I found it to be a very useful program!
Roar Myrheim - Norway

And my compliments on your EarPower demo program. I can't recall any other demo program that was anywhere near as pleasant an experience as EarPower. It was immediately apparent that I would find this to be a very useful program; and I was very happy to pay your oh-so-modest fee for a permanent version.
Best Regards,
John A. Sanders

by the way I still think that earpower is fantastic...it has helped me SOOOOOO much...especially since i got the Roland gr-30 guitar synth. ..i have gotten to where i can play anything I hear instantly (ahh freedom :) from using the melody part.the Rhythm stuff that you did in the last version is GReat!!Kudos...!!! ;)
Martin Reeve

Dear Nick, I use ear power daily! Thanks so much for your great product.
Michael McEvoy

Thank you for the registration number. I really like Ear Power, especially the random timbre feature. It is much better than competing commercial software that I've used.
Cheers, Tony Brusseau

After trying the demo, I think finally after all these years, there is hope for me to learn to read music. You've given me a GREAT tool, now all I have to do is supply the determination and dedication. Thanks again.
Mary Bradney

I've been looking for a product like this for quite a while. In fact, I almost decided to write one myself! I would much rather be studying music than writing software to study music, so my thanks to you.
John K Rice

This program is exactly what I've been looking for! I think it's just an outstanding learning tool. The graphics and audio are very professional. Thanks for developing such an exceptional music program.
Leonard Gill

I have found the program extremely worthwhile and congratulate you on the wonderful job you've done on it.
All the best, Dave Olson

Dear Nick, thanks for the password. Your program is marvellous :-)

Dear Earpower,
My congratulations on an excellent program, visually as well as acoustically. As soon as I get a better machine with a sound card I will register. But in the mean time I want to say that it is the best thing that I have downloaded from the net.
Best wishes, Eamon Sweeney

Where did I hear about Ear Power? I was looking for ear trainers with webcrawler. I don't need to look anymore. :) Cool program!
Jason Kraushar (Canada)

By the way this is a great program, best money I ever spent on a music program my "ear" has improved greatly.
Bill W.

What a great tool. I am a percussionist with the United States Navy Band. I Have been looking for a program to help my ear for a long time.

Where did I hear about Ear Power? FROM THE SIGHT SINGING PROGRAM. THEY ARE BOTH AWESOME PROGRAMS! Susan Lee Yancey (And On That Note!)

Dear Mr. Baciu, My name is Mario Lapid, I live in the NE of Brazil (City of Fortaleza), and own a company here that deals with Hi-Tech industrial products. Just by chance I came across your program in the Internet which I downloaded and used for a while. I must tell you that I was delighted, both with the concept and with the way how the human interface was designed, even when I compared it with other available programs. It is really a great help for anybody interested in maintain or improve his musical skills.

i really like your program and im glad i purchased it awhile back. the only problem i have is making sure i do it everyday. my ear is getting much better after just a little less than a week i could repeat my inner melodies easily stacey bailey

Dear Nick,
first let me tell you that I am really impressed by your piece of work. EarPower is the best ear training software I have seen so far. Only the tone recognizion by microphone could be better. But I am aware that this part is very tricky to program.
Joern Galka - Germany

Whether you're tone deaf or musically oriented, you might stand to benefit from this program, which teaches voice-pitch recognition and how to recognize basic chords on your PC.

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