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Sight-Singing Trainer
A great little program for all musicians.
Wouldn't you like to look at a music score and be able to hear that music in your mind? Well trained musicians can do it. Sight-Singing is the key.

This is a unique program which may help you develop this ability. It has voice pitch recognition capability. It will generate random melodic drills on selected scales, or play custom melodic lines. Take a look at the notes and try to hear them in your mind. But since the computer cannot read your mind you will have to sing or hum each note. The computer will listen and help you correct the intonation.
It can also be used as a simple and intuitive tool for learning notes on keyboard and Guitar.

NEW! v. 2.5 ... Download a free trial copy now.
New features for v. 2.5:
  • Shaped Notes system
  • Virtual keyboard or Guitar
  • Custom Melodies
    and more...
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    Size: 240K. Download time < 1 min.
    Requirements: any PC, Windows 95/98/2000/XP, sound card, microphone.
    It will run 10 times; after that it will need a registration number.
    The registration fee is only $19.

    You can register right now. Click here!

    You can pay the $19 registration fee for Sight-Singing Trainer over the Internet -securely- with any major credit card. As soon as your order has been processed, we will send you the registration number (no diskette!), which will reactivate the program already existing in your computer.

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