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The program has been written in C, C++, and is using the timer of your system through an advanced algoritm. As a result this metronome is one of the most accurate available.

This program is freeware and can be distributed as it is; However two features (irregular meters and sound selection) are only available with a registration code.

NEW! - Version 4.0, released 01/15/2005 with new features: - stereo sound - counting voice - tempo programming

Size: 245 K. Very small. Download time < 2 min.
Requirements: any PC, Windows NT/2000/XP.
For Windows 98/Me download here...
Download a free copy here...

The registration fee is only $10.

You can register right now. Click here!


You can pay the $10 registration fee for Metronome over the Internet -securely- with any major credit card. As soon as your order has been processed, we will send you the registration number (no diskette!), which will reactivate the program already existing in your computer.

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