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Ear Power - Features
An attractive and useful ear training program which can be used unboringly as a daily routine! Compact and easy to use, it still contains lots of features, and can help anyone, from the so called "tone-deaf" person up to the professional musician.

Ear Power provides an intuitive interface and useful training and is being already used by numerous musicians in more than 60 countries, of all levels: well known pop, jazz, classical music professionals as well as little school children.

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Nominated as "The Program of the Month" by the German magazine "Keys",

  • Only $25.
  • Voice pitch recognition - even with an inexpensive condenser microphone the computer will read your voice and show the notes you sing.
  • Pitch drills with any acoustic instrument (guitar, horn, flute, etc).
  • Sophisticated rhythm drills + timing control.
  • Melodic and harmonic intervals. You can configure the drills selecting only the intervals you want to learn.
  • Learn to recognize basic chords; also you can build your own chords, according to your favorite musical style.
  • Select any level of difficulty or let the computer determine your skills.
  • Test and improve your steady beat visually, better than a metronome.
  • Use any MIDI instrument, or a virtual piano -or guitar- on the screen or a microphone for pitch drills.
  • A simple but efficient system for learning the notes on piano or guitar, and also on the staff (G and F clefs).

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