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Ear Steady + EarTest

These are two simple programs which will help you improve timing and pitch. I put them together in one package so you can switch easily between the two.

EarSteady is about TIMING ACCURACY. It has a graphical representation of how close to the beat you are and gives a more precise reading than using a metronome.
By tapping the computer keyboard or your MIDI instrument in time, with or without the metronome, you can see whether you are on the beat, ahead of the beat or behind the beat.
Every musician needs to have an excellent sense of time whether they are playing with other musicians or by themselves and this program offers a great way of developing this technique.

You can also test your SENSE OF PITCH with EarTest. A good ear for music can detect fine differences of pitch. This can be improved by practicing with EarTest.

Size: 240 K. Very small. Download time < 3 min.
Requirements: any PC, Windows NT/2000/XP.
For Windows 98/Me download here...

Download a free trial copy here...

The registration fee is only $5.
You can pay the $5 registration fee for EarSteady over the Internet -securely- with any major credit card. As soon as your order has been processed, we will send you the registration number (no disk!), which will reactivate the program already existing in your computer.

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