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Fast&Soft released its first program - Ear Trainers for Amiga - in 1993. Since then several software products were created, among them, the famous by now - Ear Power. Most work here at Fast&Soft is done by Nick Baciu, with help from wife Adriana and friends: Bo Knudsen, Karin and Guenther Riemann, Cornel Stroncevschi and Dan Popescu.

  • Children Trained with EarPower

  • Nick Baciu's Resume
    462 Seneca Ave
    Ridgewood, NY 11385

       C,C++,C# experienced
    SQL database, ASP.Net advanced
       Windows advanced, Mac basic
       multimedia, expert
       video streaming over the web, advanced
       client-server sockets prog, advanced
       Perl cgi, mySQL, web prog, advanced

    Senior Software Engineer
    Reno, NV, US
    VLT (casino video lotto terminals) video games, using VisualStudio, C++
      Developed and maintained more than 20 games (keno, poker, slot) for several states, each state game legislation being different and requiring various changes in the code.
      Debugging (more than one thousand defects solved).
      Added Digital TV (ATSC) feature to each VLT terminal. Wrote the code to detect and play TV channels using DirectShow, and code was integrated into the MFC games engine solution.
      Integrated older C code (odds evaluation) into the main MFC solution
      Poker auto-hold class, involving odds calculations based on statistics and winning probabilities.
      Maintained saving and retrieving data from NV Ram (on separate thread), ICIS protocol, game emulator
    New York,NY, US
      DirectX based dll, a ticker scrolling live auctions values
      SQL database populator done with ASP.Net
      Auctions engine web services
      Administrator web site
      Converting Access OleDb to SQL (code and database schema)
    software engineer
    New York,NY, US
    February 2000 - April 2002
       Video Player, both on Windows (DirectX) and Mac
       video streaming, wrote custom DirectShow filters
       tracking statistics using WinInet and Sockets
       NT multi threading
       Multimedia (transparent windows)
       Web programming (Perl cgi and mySQL for eCommerce site).
    New York,NY, US
    1990 - 2007
       wrote several programs, multimedia, mostly for musicians. Used FFT; voice pitch recognition algoritm. DirectX custom filters.

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